Two Worlds Collide: Bed Sheets Turn Into Fashion

It honestly feels so good to have found a community of people who has an affinity for vintage linens as much as I do. Thank you Facebook. I mean there are thousands of people who share the same passion that I do, and I love it!

I’ve been obsessing over vintage linens for a few months now, and I honestly think this obsession isn’t going away at all.

Not Just For The Home

Vintage linens were never just for the home. For years sewers and crafters have been using them as fabric for clothes and other projects too! Which makes me love them even more. Who doesn’t need extra fabric?

You can use your vintage sheets, pillow cases, and curtains for dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, or whatever you want to whip up with your sewing machine. I personally like to transform my sheets and curtains to clothes, because these beautiful prints need to be shared with the world.

So In Love With These Linens

If you’re a fan of bold prints, love color, and you’re not afraid to step out of your boundaries, these linens would definitely spark up some much needed inspiration for your next sewing assignment.

On To The Good Stuff!

This vintage floral bed sheet from Kitsch Clutch, would look great as an oversized baby doll dress, or a boxy top such as Helen’s Closet Patterns Ashton top.

If color is your thing, this vibrant vintage surf sport bed sheet would look great as a button down shirt. A pair of shorts would look great in this print too!

If you’re more on the conversational side. This Peanuts sheet would also make a great button down shirt. Talk about nostalgic.

Last but definitely not least, this daisy bed sheet would look great as a midi length A-line skirt. Pair that skirt with a pair of brown boots and a denim jacket for a look that gives all the artsy chic vibes.

Where To Purchase

While I personally love vintage linens, your bed sheets does not necessarily have to be vintage. If you come across a modern bed sheet set from Target or Macy’s that you adore, and it would look great as a piece of clothing, by all means turn it into a garment.

But if you really want to get your hands on some vintage linens, check out your local thrift stores. Etsy and Ebay also has a great selection of vintage bedding being sold by sellers.

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