Oversized Blazers And A Few Shops That Are Selling Them Right Now

Pair an oversized blazer with any outfit under the sun, and in an instant it looks twice as good. No matter how you style this closet staple, it just works. When I don’t know what to wear, my go-to look is a bodysuit, fitted jeans, boots, and an oversized jacket. This ensemble can be worn when you’re hanging out with friends, shopping, or even to the office. It’s a perfect look for any occasion.

While my immense collection of oversized blazers is constantly growing, I personally vowed to not buy anymore jackets for at least a few months, because as of right now I have about 20, and enough is enough.

Even though I’m currently monitoring my purchases, I wanted to share with you a few shops that have some of the cutest blazers.

Etsy- United 1991 Vintage

Zara- Oversized Plaid Blazer

Tibi- Liam Oversized Checked Wool-blend Blazer

Zara-Pinstripe Blazer

Etsy-End of May Vintage

No matter what style or how you choose to wear your blazer,you’re bound to find what that fits your personal style. It’s a staple piece that will forever be your go-to choice when you have nothing to wear.

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