Sewing News: Nancy Zieman Passes Away, And CSS Industries, Inc. Acquires Simplicity Creative Group

Nancy Zieman


Today we mourn the loss of  author and TV host Nancy Zieman of Wisconsin’s longest television series Sewing with Nancy.  

It was Zieman’s work who inspired millions of people to not only want to be creative entrepeneurs, but she also showed us crafters that sewing is something that we should not be scared of no matter what we’re doing—serging, zippers, knits, or even buttons.

Zieman was diagnosed with osteoscaroma, a form of bone cancer two years ago, but continued her television series until September 2017 where she announced that she was retiring.

To this day, many of her books can still be purchased on eBay, Amazon, and other websites at very wallet-friendly prices (some even as low $4), and you can also visit her YouTube channel for sewing tips and inspiration as well.

I have at least eight of her books,  and the information in these books are timeless. My favorite book has to be 501 Sewing Hints, the hints are so simple I’m still trying to figure out why haven’t I thought of some them.

Zieman is survived by her husband, sons, and grandchildren .

CSS Industries, Inc. Acquires Simplicity Creative Group

Simplicity Creative Group announced on their Facebook page that CSS Industries, Inc. has purchased the brand.

Here is their following statement:

“In case you missed it: We are excited to announce that CSS Industries, Inc. has just purchased Simplicity Creative Group. The Simplicity family of brands includes wonderful sewing patterns, of course, but also Wrights® trims and sewing notions, as well as terrific crafts brands including Boye®, Perler®, Dimensions® and American Girl Crafts®. These brands—combined with existing CSS brands, including Offray®, Lion Ribbon™, C.R. Gibson®, La Mode® buttons, McCall’s®, Butterick® and Vogue Patterns®, and our creative and dedicated employees—will continue to bring our consumers an ever increasing variety of products and innovation all within the CSS portfolio of brands.”

While many people are upset about the change, and feels that there will be no direct competition in the sewing pattern market, we can only hope that the Simplicity patterns we have grown to love stays the same. I grew up sewing with Simplicity patterns, so my opinion on this brand will be very bias. But I highly doubt that CSS Industries, Inc. is going to diminish or tarnish the brand because why purchase it?

What’s your favorite sewing pattern brand? Do you prefer indie patterns?

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