Style Sense: 3 Daring Looks That Just Work!

Jeweled skirts, velvet pants, and ruffled skirts —just a few items you can wear to spruce up your look.  Whether you’re in need for a cool work ensemble, a date look, or just want to look chic, these ladies prove that there is need to play it safe when you want to look good.

Pair the boldest skirt you can find with a cool graphic tee for a mix of edge and class. Add an element of surprise with a funky shoe to heighten to proudly emphasize your ensemble. 

bold fashion looks 1

Although some people may stray away from bright colored pants, don’t be afraid to wear yours with pride.The simplistic styling of this look makes a fearless statement. 

bold fashion looks 2- cool fashion looks 2

Huge ruffles, not-so-simple boots, and a graphic sweater—this look on its own will definitely get the crowd talking. 

bold fashion looks 2- cool fashion looks

Can you see yourself getting inspired, or are these a little too much for your taste?

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