Gifted Designer- Jeremy Scott

I have been wanting to blog about this designer for the longest, but I never came around because I have so much to say, and I wanted to do a post that wasn’t so long, so this post would definitely be in a series.

The designer that never disappoints my eyes and taste for fashion is Jeremy Scott, his work is phenomenal, his work is different, creative, fun, limitless, unique, eye-catching-, quirky, need I continue? I love this designer for these reasons and so much more, he inspires me to make my dreams come to life, and I love the fact, that he does not care what people thinks of his work, he does what he likes, and he understands and is a prime example of what fashion is suppose to be, and how it should be treated- with FUN!

In this Gifted Designer Series of Jeremy Scott, I would be going over all his collections, showing you the pieces that I am in love with; adding a little commentary.

So lets get started: I call this collection, The Wonderful Wardrobe of a Shop-a-holic 
(Spring-Summer 2011 Collection)

Runway Pics Left to Right: 

Garbage Bag Style Dress, Admit One Ticket Dress, Thank You Shopping Bag Inspired Dress,  For Rent Blouse, Have A Nice Day Shopping Bag Inspired  Dress, Fuck You Shopping Bag Inspired Dress, Admit One Ticket Men’s Top, Help Wanted Long Sleeve Dress/Tunic, No Sale is Ever Final Men’s Top.

Garbage Bag Style Dress– Who would have ever thought of putting this on a runway, crazy right? What do you expect, after throwing away and giving away so many clothes, a garbage bag dress is your only option.

Admit One Ticket Dress– I think this dress is sequined or beaded,but whatever it is, I love it! I wish it was red though, because the orange reminds me of the Flintstones.

Thank You Shopping Bag Inspired Dress– The dress looks as if plastic bags were used, but clear latex was the fabric used behind this wonderful masterpiece.

Have a Nice Day and the Fuck You Inspired Shopping Bag Dress- It still amazes me that Jeremy would come up with something so freaking unique, the Fuck You Dress gets me lol. What if retail stores  handed these bags to the customers who gave them a hard time? Too funny.

For Rent Blouse and Help Wanted Long Sleeve Dress/Tunic- This dress and top can have different meanings, it just depends on where you are, and who is reading your garment.

No Sale is Ever Final– If you are  thinking about wearing this top out, just know you are going to be stopped for questions, like “Where exactly do you work?”

 Overall, this collection was pretty cool, different, and of course innovative, but then again this is no other than the wonderful Jeremy Scott.

Here’s a Video of the Spring-Summer 2011 Collection, and to view the complete collection click here.

What do you think of Jeremy Scott designs? Are they too much for you? Stay tuned for more of his collections, I will be tackling down all of them, and showcasing the pieces that I love.

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