Fashion and Creativity: The Good

When it comes to fashion and style, one thing I look for in a garment, accessory, makeup, an outfit, or anything related, is CREATIVENESS. I love things that would make a person ask “Omg thats cool, where did you get that from?” or if someone makes a comment and say “Look at her dress, it’s so cute, I never seen that before”. I love things that are different, fun, and makes people second guess. I think the good part about having an innovative mind when it comes to fashion, is the positive feedback (even though negative feedback will follow) from others who understands your aesthetic behind a certain project.

Other Creative Ones 

That is why I admire gifted fashion designers, like Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, Karl Lagerfield, and sooo many more designers (who will take forever to name).

If you love Fashion and Creativity…

You love the look of feeling different, and being different. There is nothing better than knowing and actually saying,”This is me, this is what I like, this is who I am”.

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