Heel-less Shoes? Night Makers vs. Night Walkers

I know everyone has seen the Jeffrey Campbell’s Night Walkers, but did you know the muse behind these heel-less shoes were Noritaka Tatehana’s Night Makers? Tatehana’s Night Makers consists of a higher platform than Campbells, making the shoes easy to walk in, but also a risk taker (wear these shoes with caution). Can you imagine falling in these, omg very painful.

Untitled #141

Nori Tatehana’s shoes has a ten inch platform, yes ten inches!  And they cost over four thousand dollars, now I can see why Jeffrey Campbell duplicated these shoes. He created them for the fashion forward women, who loves to make a statement without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Campbell Night Walkers has a smaller platform ( 2 1/4″ platform) than the Night Makers, and with the price, it varies ($150 and up). When it comes to the value of these shoes, they are quite affordable, especially when compared to the Night Makers, and the platform is not as high as Tatehana’s either. Overall, if you are the “I want to make a statement” type, these shoes are for you, their definitely an eye-catcher.

So who won?

Jeffrey Campbell.

The Winner is Campbell, he thought about everyone when producing these show stoppers. He duplicated a shoe that would be loved by all, and could be purchased by all. Now even though the Night Walkers are not as high as the Night Makers, they are super cute, and still must be worn with caution, they’re heel-less!

See how these Celebrities and Stylish Bloggers wore their shoes.

Let’s Talk. Do you own a pair of heel-less shoes? What do you think of them? Do you see yourself in the near future purchasing a pair?


  1. @Tracy I think Campbell's looks easier to walk in though, Lady Gaga actually fell in her pair. Embarrassing like major! As to actually putting them on my feet, I will never lol. I agree: just admire. =]


  2. Loving this post!

    I'd walk in both but Gaga only fell once and that is ok!

    You should go to a store and try them on like major.

    They sell the night walkers online at Urban Outfitters.


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