Jumpsuits: I Need One Now!

I think I’m going to do a countdown until class ends for me, because it  feels like it’s taking forever!

But until then, let’s talk about jumpsuits.

I’m leaning more on a vintage or handmade jumpsuit, because I think the prints are cuter, but whatever the universe seems to put in front of me, I’ll take that too.

I’ve always been a fan of jumpsuits, but never had a chance to buy one because all the ones in the store are too short. And making one never even crossed my mind considering the fact that I have two sewing machines sitting in my closet right now, but all that is going to change, since there are countless jumpsuit sewing patterns on the market right now both my indie designers and the big time sellers.

vintage jumpsuit sewing pattern

jumpsuit sewing pattern

mccall 7099 jumpsuit sewing pattern
McCall 7099
mcalls M7203 jumpsuit sewing pattern
McCall 7203

And the best part about jumpsuits? Styling one is effortless.

Do you own any jumpsuits? How do you style yours?

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