Graphic Sweaters x Printed Bottoms—The Perfect Combo for Fall

From the luxe feel of brocade prints, to utilitarian style military jackets, I’m loving all of the trends we have this season, but simultaneously I feel as if they’re a little too serious and a little dark. Yeah, I know this is the time when we bring out our warm and dark hues, but must we do it every day for an entire season? Are we only only allowed to wear our bright and bold hues when this fashion editor or that blog tells us to do so? Trends are there simply to inform us on what’s current in the fashion industry. They are not there to transform our entire style.

Print mixing has become one of my favorite trends thus far, only because it allows you to step out of your boundaries by having plain ole fun. Although some restrictions may apply on how we should style this trend, going against these rules makes wearing it even more amazing!

 Below are six bold and exciting looks I’ve created, so you can get a gist of what I’m talking about.

 Pair your Graphic Sweater with Prints You Fancy

Untitled #307

Step out of your element blending prints you would’ve never tried. Jeremy Scott’s Bart Simpson sweater paired with these hounds-tooth printed leggings are unconventional yet striking.

Untitled #304

This look is so wrong it’s right in a way. The juxtaposition of the graphic sweater and this polka dot printed skirt, goes hand in hand—modern meets timeless. The animal printed flats acts as a neutral, but remember to go light on the gold jewelry to keep the focal point solely on the prints.

Keep your Graphic Tank and Printed Bottoms in the Same Color Palette

Untitled #303
If you’re not comfortable with trying so many prints at once,  try using pieces from the same color palette. The different tones of blue make this look monochromatic, while still allowing you to stay in a somewhat comfort zone.

Untitled #306This polka dot sweater paired with these cross printed tights works well together. Instead of incorporating one of Fall’s trendiest colors, I chose a color from Spring that I’m still in love with (and still wearing).

If you’re not fond of the studded flats, try these white patent leather boots!

Untitled #306

Untitled #305

No need for words, this look is self explanatory!

How are you styling your favorite trends this season?  Would you change any of the looks above? Are these looks too bold for you?


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