Saweetie Strikes Again With Another Upcycled Look

Saweetie is killing the fashion game right now when it comes to sporting outfits made from recycled materials.

So when I saw that she posted another creative and stylish look on her Instagram, I had to come back on here to give you guys the details on her outfit.

Click here for Saweetie’s other repurposed look.

If you were born in the ‘90s, you’ve probably seen this fabric before, especially when partaking in sleepovers, because lo and behold it’s a sleeping bag!

An Aladdin sleeping bag to be exact. If you would like to create a similar pair of pants and matching bralette on your own, there are a plethora of resellers on the internet right now selling pre-owned vintage Aladdin sleeping bags for as low as $18.

Go to google, type Aladdin sleeping bag in the search bar, click on shopping and you’re welcome!

Are you feeling Saweetie’s pants? Are you ready to take on your own up cycling project? Let’s talk.

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