Turning The Spotlight on Ross Dress for Less: Dress Department

If you’re not a major vintage thrifter, or just don’t like visiting thrift stores, you can always check out your off-price retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or even Ross to give you the same vintage aesthetic.

I decided to visit Ross over the weekend, to check out their new inventory, and I was taken back by a lot of the vintage-inspired dresses they had in store.

What I Found?

As a person who loves a nice vintage frock, these were the ones that really caught my eye, so it’s only right that I had to share.

If you know me and my appreciation for color, this dress instantly caught my attention. Giving off full ‘70s and early ‘80s inspiration this was one of the first dresses I snapped a picture of. I would personally wear this look with a pair of white boots, a nice chunky gold necklace and a red blazer for when it’s a little chilly outside.

It’s Gets Better!

These next floral cuties were calling my name. While they are so simple, the styling opportunities are endless when it comes to wearing one.

For the shoes, you can go with a fresh pair of sneakers, a pair of combat boots, or sandals. Want to throw in a piece of outerwear? Try a blazer, a denim jacket, or even cardigan for a more layered look.

Just know that when it comes to wearing a dress, the hard part is already done for you. You top and bottom is already there. The rest is just accessorizing.

How many dresses do you currently own? Do you have a love for vintage dresses as well? Or am I on my own with this one?

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