Sewing Chronicles: Children Skirts and My Little Sewing Dilemma

This year, I decided to make sewing one of my new year resolutions. I wanted to challenge my creativity and sewing skills and tackle projects that I wouldn’t even try.

So my first project this year was something for my daughters. I decided to make them both an African printed skirt with matching ruffle socks for Black History Month. They both fell in love with not only the process of me making their skirts, but also the finished project.

Now For The Struggles

To say this project wasn’t challenging, would be an understatement. My backup sewing machine, the Singer Promise II that I opened out of the box stopped working. So I was forced to sew their ruffle socks by hand. Granted, I bought the machine back in 2014, but considering the fact that it was brand new, I honestly didn’t think anything could could go wrong.

My sewing machine kept jamming, it kept making a buzzing sound, and on top of that, when I would turn the hand wheel forward, the needle would go back down by itself. After consulting with the sewing group that I’m in on Facebook, one user suggested that I might have a shortage in the foot pedal. So I’m contacting Singer this week to see what I can do.

But through it all, I kept going. And I’m pretty glad I did — look at them!

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