A Perfect Combo: Ripped Jeans And Blazers

One can never go wrong with a blazer and a pair of jeans. I prefer them ripped because it adds an edgy touch, but it all depends on your style.

If you’re in need of a bit of style inspiration, and you’re looking for different ways to style your blazer and jeans, hopefully these looks I have put together for you, will stir up some of your creative juices.

Add A Bit Of Fun

Make a personal statement with your favorite graphic tee. It always adds a lively and quirky touch, and will most definitely spark up a friendly conversation. For this look, a gray blazer adds more of a neutral vibe, while these black combat boots screams sophisticated but cool at the same time. Continue with a pair of gold earrings and a black purse for an easy put-together look.

Printed Blazers

Printed blazers can never do any wrong in my book, the bolder the better. As of late, I’ve been loving white boots, so for this easy ensemble, we are still going with a cute graphic tee, but pairing it with this bright floral blazer to inject a little excitement. The white boots are an element of surprise, while this black purse draws everything together.

Go Simple Just For Now

If graphic tees and printed blazers are not your cup of tea, a plain tee shirt should probably be your go-to. Business casual looks works for any time of the day, and whether it’s an afternoon lunch or an evening event, the only thing you would need to swap out are your shoes (for example, heels). Since we are going with a plain tee, I decided to go very chic and elegant with the accessories.

Button Down Shirts + Blazers

If you want to go all the way, and take your style to the next level. I highly advise you to throw a printed button down shirt in the mix. While these two looks are daring, the blazer and boots combination blends everything together —refining your look, while still making it appropriate for any occasion.

Don’t Stop There— Add A Dress

While shirts and jeans are a given when it comes to styling them with a blazer, go a step further and pair this combo with a dress! There’s always a time to go chic and flirty.

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