2020 Is Here, So Let’s The Make The Most Of It

Happy New Year Loves!

I’m hoping your year is starting in the right direction. And I hope you’re taking the necessary steps to make this your most successful year ever, because what you make out of this month will set the tone for the rest of the year.

So start moving.

In this paragraph, I would normally write about my new year resolutions, and how I’m going to change, but I’m going to keep them to myself this time. I’m going to start working towards my goals, and checking them off my list, and when I have completed a few of those tasks, then I would share them with you guys.

Less talking, more action.

Doing The Most

Last year, I was overwhelming myself with so many tasks and goals I wanted completed, I only accomplished about 30% of that list. This year, I’m tackling 3 to 4 goals a month, and once they have been attained, I’ll change my list and then work towards them.

How Can You Better Yourself?

In 2020, we are creating our own opportunities. We are building ourselves up without the acknowledgment from others. Because if we are waiting for that recognition we’ve been longing for, we’ll be waiting a long time.

So yeah, let’s also leave that behind.

Our Life Is Already Written

While we are setting these goals, and planning out our year in advance. Keep in mind, that God has already mapped out our future. So what’s for you, is for YOU, and no one can take that away.

Love Kamea ❤️

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