My Top 6 Best-Dressed For 2019

This year there were countless celebrities, stylists, designers, and social media influencers killing the fashion scene. So let’s just say, narrowing this list down to six, was really difficult for me. There is no specific order on who I love the most, they’re all equal in my book.

My girl Tracee Ellis Ross was doing her thing with her cute little frocks all this year, and Lil Nas X in his bright apple green suit looked delicious enough to eat at the American Music Awards. On the other hand, there was social media influencer Notorious Kia inspiring me to the max– showing me how to style prom dresses with jeans, and furthering my obsession with oversized blazers.

So Without further ado , here are my top six style faves who did their thing this year, and inspired me to go even harder on my personal style for 2020, and pretty much the rest of my life.

Tracee Ellis Ross

There is something about Tracee Ellis Ross’ style that puts me in a daze. I love her usage of bold prints and vibrant colors, and the way she just loves to be herself. Her style is adventurous, chic, and playful.

Note: While I love the way she wore those gold lame pants in the look below, I can’t help but want to swap out those heels for a pair of dope sneakers for myself.

Lil Nas X + Hodovodo

Okay, so for this one I had to throw Lil Nas X on the list, only because I was supposed to blog about the apple green suit (designed by Christopher John Rogers) he wore to the American Music Awards, but I never got a chance to actually posting it.

In actuality, the credit to his look goes to his personal stylist Hodovodo for creating the masterpiece. So it was only right that I added her to my list as well, because man oh man can this lady dress. You guys already know I’m a sucker for anything bright, oversized, or printed, and somehow she manages to inject a little bit of everything I’m obsessed with in each of her looks.

Notorious KIA

Kia actually did a compilation of her favorite looks for 2019, and honestly I couldn’t agree more with her choices. We both share a love for oversized (I know you are getting tired of this word LOL) blazers and prints, so you know I HAD to add her on my list.

Kia is constantly pushing her personal style to new heights and stay giving dope inspiration. My top three looks from her this year has to be the way she styled a formal dress with jeans. I mean come on, to casually style a dress with jeans AND SNEAKERS, and to pull it off so fashionably is true artistry.

Kia also focuses heavily on sustainability in the fashion industry. She is not afraid to wear a garment twice, proving that you can wear something more than once AND POST IT AGAIN for the gram!

Juliette Foxx

Juliette Foxx, fashion designer and now my style expert has become someone I just love over on Instagram. Every time she post, I know her outfits are going to be fire. Her confidence is immaculately displayed throughout all of her pictures, and she is not afraid to get that perfect shot (yes, there she is in NY traffic sitting in f***ing chair!). Her usage of color is also A1.

Kahlana Barfield

Last but definitely not least, can we talk about editor and fashion bombshell Kahlana Barfield for just a sec. Kahlana loves to switch her style up. Her style is never stagnant. Her unconventional designed Comme des Garcons shorts will always be one of my favorite looks, those shorts alone will make anyone do a double take.

I love how sometimes she’ll give you tomboy chic, but then will turn around and give you an ultra glam look just because. She is another favorite of my mine whose fearless fashion choices stands out from the crowd.

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