All In The Details: Vintage Blazer + Fanny Pack Vibes

Hey you guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I had to stop by to give you guys a quick little print inspiration, and to check out this miniature outfit post featuring my vintage blazer and unzipped fanny pack I wore to my family’s dinner.

The blazer is thrifted, of course! And I scored my fanny pack from Mr. Pocketbook.

Going AWOL…

I’m hoping that I’ll be returning back to the blog regularly and posting more in a few weeks. Life is just kicking me in the ass right now, and I’m honestly trying my best to balance everything out.

I recently opened my vintage shop No Waste Vintage, and I’m also trying to get into substitute teaching . Substitute teaching is the only route I can take that allows me to not depend on anyone else to pick up my children after school, because as my family likes to call it, I’m getting on their nerves.

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