Style Stalker: Fashion Stylist And Model Cordell

So today, I did something a little bit out of my comfort zone. While I was out shopping, I approached someone to compliment them on their style, and I also asked if could I take a picture.

This is a HUGE deal.

I’m the type of person that does a lot of praising from a distance, but not today.

Meet Cordell, AKA Chip.

I was first drawn to Cordell’s oversized abstract printed top, and then when I looked up and noticed his hair, I fell even more in love. You guys already know, my obsession with prints and oversized tops are like no other. So this was already a plus for me.

Let’s Get Into Detail

Cordell paired his oversized top with a pair of embellished cut-off khaki shorts, keeping his shirt the focal point of his look. But as you go down you can see a little bit of a personal touch in his graphic printed emoji heart-eyed socks while his neutral-toned boots pulls everything together adding an edgy vibe. For his accessories, his wrist were full of beaded bracelets, and all but his thumb on his right hand had a silver ring, which were representative of his bold and unique taste. His khaki/tan colored backpack kept within the color scheme of his ensemble. On his left arm he kept it simple with a smart watch and two bracelets.

Our Little Convo

What I really loved about Cordell was how welcoming and kind he was when I applauded him on his style. He had such an amazing personality, I wish I would have recorded our impromptu interview. We chatted a bit before he went into the dressing room, and he gave credit to his mom who has an eye for fashion, and he’s also a stylist and a model.

Tens all across the board for this guy here!

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