Wearable Versions Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Gown

This picture of Sarah Jessica Parker’s attire for the eighth annual New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala has been circulating all over the internet since September 27. I’m just getting around to talk about it because while the vintage addict in me was obsessed with this look, I couldn’t just be another writer simply talking about it.

This beauty is untouchable and pure perfection, and was and still is giving me all the vibes. Zac Posen worked his magic all throughout this entire gown.

A Strikingly Vintage Resemblance

A few weeks ago I added this ’80s prom dress to my Favorites over on Etsy, and as soon as I went back to see if it was still there, it was already sold.

Get Inspired With These Looks!

While this Zac Posen gown may only be good for the red carpet,these two dresses I found are great alternatives if you want a wearable look for an everyday occasion.

And to be honest, while heels may be your go-to for dresses like these, I don’t see anything wrong by pairing them with a fresh pair of white sneakers. Make it casual chic!

Rotate by Birger Christensen


Were you obsessed with this look as much as I was, or it was just okay?

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