Much Needed: Blog Update And New Business Ventures Coming Soon!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I have been working around the clock on my next business venture since I lost my job at Topshop.

From being so excited to working at Topshop, to losing my job all in one week (I found out they were closing my third day on the job). I saw Topshop closing down as a sign, and that pursuing my dreams is what I needed to do next, and No Waste Vintage was born.

As a vintage addict whose obsessed with pretty much everything ’90s and back, why not share my passion with the world.

About No Waste Vintage

No Waste Vintage is an online curated vintage and contemporary shop that focuses on delivering quality secondhand clothing to tastemakers and individuals seeking to elevate their personal style. Whether your style is subtle and monochromatic, or bold and graphic, No Waste Vintage has something for you.

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