Two Vintage Stores In Miami You Have To Check Out

If you know my obsession with vintage and all things sequined, it’s no surprise that I’m sharing these gems with you guys.

If you’re in Miami, or happen to stop by, I’m giving you all the details you need to make your next thrifting trip a success.

Let’s Go Shopping

The first shop we’re stopping at is Flamingos Vintage Pound in Wynwood. In here, you’ll spot loads of ’80s and ’90s styled bomber jackets, sequined garments, overalls and denim jackets, and so much more. Just keep in mind, that there are so many cool and unique vintage pieces, you’ll have to brace yourself because you can walk out spending SOME MONEY.

Unlike your regular thrift stores, at Flamingos Vintage Pound, your garments are being weighed (hence the name), and you will not be charged per piece. While some items, like your vintage tees and jackets may be inexpensive, if you love sequins like myself, they can get expensive.

Thrift by the Pound, is the sister store of Flamingos Vintage Pound, and in my opinion a little less expensive as well. At this location, there is a smaller section of vintage clothing in the back, but the entire store is mostly modern and contemporary clothing. Your clothes are also being weighed by the pound, and the prices varies based on the color of the ticket.

At Thrift By The Pound, the  price of each garment goes by the color represented, and there is a chart telling you how much each ticket cost.  Sometimes the tickets are on sale, sometimes they are not. So the odds are forever in your favor.

Plenty To Go Around

While I’m just discovering these two spots in Miami, there are other Flamingos Vintage Pound spots around the world, such as Spain, Tokyo, New York, and a host of other places.

Let’s Chat!

Are you a thrifter? What are your favorite go-to thrift spots? 

Flamingos Vintage Pound

719 NW 29th st
Miami, Florida 33127

Thrift By The Pound 

901 East 10th Avenue FLAMINGO PLAZA
Hialeah, Florida 33010


  1. So mad I couldn’t make it to either store when I visited. Lincoln road on Sundays is also a good place for vintage especially designer pieces.


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