Let’s Talk: Dice Kayek

My love for oversized clothing and patterns is a bit obsessive. So when I discovered Dice Kayek, I had to show you not only one, but three of their shows.

These looks are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are great conversation starters. The sculptural designs, clean lines, bold patterns, and vibrant colors makes me want to have every piece in my closet. From  oversized sleeves, to collars, pants, you name it! This entire brand is right up my alley.

And if you have an affinity for all things ’80s inspired, your carriage awaits.

Dice Kayek Fall 2018 


Dice Kayek Resort 2019

dice kayek resort 2019dice kayek resort 2019 2dice kayek resort 2019 3

Dice Kayek Spring 2019

This Spring collection has to be my favorite. The pops of color, the bold prints, what is there not to love.  The bright pink oversized jacket and dress are my top two looks, they’re simple but still makes a strong statement. And I think the real reason why I love the bubble pink jacket so much is because it reminds me of the dress Tracee Ellis Ross wore to the Emmys. Pair this over a sleek and sexy simple black dress, all eyes will most definitely be on you.

The Crafty Bug

I’m going to try and find a similar pink  fabric this bright so I can create a pair of pants or a dress that are three sizes too big.

dice-kayek-spring 2019-how-to-style-a-stripe-shirtdice kayek spring 2019dice-kayek-spring-2019-how -to-style-a-pink-dressdice-kayek-spring-2019-ready-to-wear 2dice-kayek-spring-2019-ready-to-wear

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