The Laura Ashley Collection At Urban Outfitters Is A Thrift Lover’s Dream

If you’re not an avid thrifter, the name Laura Ashley might not ring a bell. But if you do visit your local thrift stores frequently, I’m pretty sure you have came across a few Laura Ashley tops, dresses, skirts, pants–the whole nine yards. If you’re still not familiar with the brand head on over to eBay to see some of the original designs.

Laura Ashley 2.0 

Urban Outfitters has collaborated with Laura Ashley and they have released a collection that pays homage to the brands vintage aesthetic, but with a more modern and younger appeal. Prices range from $8-$89, and you can purchase floral  hair bow scrunchies, pants, hats, midi length dresses and so much more.

Considering that Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle brand with an interest in retro, hipster, and bohemian styles, it’s great to see UO reigniting these vintage brands with a contemporary touch. UO has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger to bring back their original designs, Wrangler, OP (Ocean Pacific), Gitano, and the list goes on.

Don’t Like Shopping In Thrift Stores?

If you don’t like thrift shopping or vintage clothes, but love the look— here is your chance to also get a piece of the pie.

How are you feeling about the Laura Ashley and Urban Outfitters collab?

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