Vintage Vibes: These Novelty Shirts Are Everything Plus More

I am totally obsessing over these men novelty printed button down shirts over at Forever 21 right now. They scream vintage, are purely nostalgic (if you were born in the ’90s) and the prints are AMAZING!





forever 21 printed shirt

These shirts are perfect for injecting a little bit of fun into your wardrobe and they can be styled with pretty much everything. Wear it over a dress, layer it with another tee, style it with your favorite pair of jeans, tie it up at the bottom and rock them with your favorite shorts, whatever you desire.

forever flag printed shirt

They even have a Reptar shirt! It really can’t get any better than that.

rugrats reptar novelty printed shirt forever21nickelodeon characters forever 21 novelty print shirt

Unless you’re a fan of sushi. Remember the entire fashion post I dedicated to the love of sushi? LOL, talking about obsessed. sushi button down printed shirt forever 21


Are you a fan of novelty button down shirts? Do you prefer vintage button downs or it doesn’t matter? Comment below and let’a talk fashion.

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