I Tried One Of IHOb’s New Burgers And To Be Honest They Are Really Good

After IHOP temporarily changed its name to IHOb to promote its new line of burgers, I decided to check them out to see if their burgers were really worth the hype.  I was expecting the place to be overcrowded because of how many people were going crazy over the name change and the fact that IHOP really made a bold move doing so, but it wasn’t. And to be truthful, I was pretty glad because I hate lines. 

My initial plan was to try The Classic Burger with Bacon, but my waitress told me that the unlimited fries deal was only for The Classic, so I opted for that one (even though their site states otherwise) . And boy was it really good— my buns were super soft, the lettuce was crispy, the meat was cooked to perfection, and the signature sauce was finger lickin’ good. My burger also came with a sliced pickle, but I could have went without because there were plenty on The Classic. I highly recommend that you ask for a side of IHOP’s signature sauce to use for your fries though— seriously you won’t regret it.


And if you don’t want fries with your burger, you can choose pancakes as a side— I mean it wouldn’t even be a true IHOP experience without having that as an option right?

Do Their Burgers Compare To Other Fast Food Chains?

Based on The Classic alone, the only fast food chain IHOP’s burger can be compared to is Wendy’s Dave’s Single. They use similar ingredients except IHOP’s signature sauce was the icing on the cake for me.

Burger King and McDonald’s on the other hand does not even compare to the quality level of this burger, if we’re being honest here.

The Verdict

Overall, my burger was delicious, and the next time I might go for the Mega Monster with a side of pancakes.

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