Kate Spade Found Dead At 55

On June 5, I did not have it in me to announce Kate Spade’s tragic death, because I was still processing the news that one of my favorite designers decided that it was time for her to leave this world.  With her brand being known for its creativity and quirkiness aesthetic you would think her life was just as whimsical—but that’s never the case.


While we do not know what Spade dealt with personally, we can only pray that her family has not blamed themselves for what has happened.

Kate Spade was a phenomenal woman, who brightened up so many lives, and the world is going to be a little less sparkly without her in it.


If you are suffering from severe depression or having suicidal thoughts, talking  to someone can be difficult.  But my message to you is to not base your temporary situation with a permanent solution. You are enough, you are loved, and if need someone to talk without being judged, I’m here (send me an email or DM). And if you don’t  feel comfortable doing that—The suicide hotline provides you with the option to talk to someone directly or chat with someone online as well.



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