The Romantic Comedy Films I Can’t Stop Watching On Netflix

I love a good a romance movie. You know the type that has you jumping up and down rooting for true love, teenage-squealing I can’t believe this is really happening moviesyeah, those are the types of films I’m currently obsessing over.

Whether it’s a classic romance film or it has just been released, if it’s good , I will watch it  over and over again (sometimes even back to back).

So what felt like an incessant amount of scrolling on Netflix searching for  some of the best romantic comedy films they had to offer, I finally came across these movies and have been watching them ever since. Literally.

The Kissing Booth

In Netflix’s original movie The Kissing Boot(2018), Elle Evans  (Joey King) and her  best friend Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) forms a set of rules at the tender age of six that they must forever live by.  Now at 16 years old, Elle decides to hell with the rules and finally confronts her secret crush at a kissing booth. Now in a newfound relationship,  Elle is forced to keep her new liaison hidden from her best friend until he finds out the truth.

The Kissing Booth Joey King

Made in America

made in america whoopi goldberg

I have watched this film so many times (five and counting) it’s ridiculous. Besides this being a really good movie, I can’t get enough of the ’80s fashion.  The oversized MC Hammer printed trousers, the beautiful African kimonos, to the bright and colorful athletic gear  worn by the ladies throughout this movie, I’m in love with it all— but I digress.

In Made in America (1993), Zora Matthews (Nia Long) finds out that she was conceived by artificial insemination and is on a quest to find  her biological father. She discovers that her  dad is  white car salesman Halbert ‘Hal’ Jackson (Ted Danson) who at first wants nothing to do with her,  until her mom Sarah Matthews (Whoopi Goldberg) changes his perception  about having a daughter. While Jackson tries to build a relationship with his daughter Zora, he develops strong feelings towards her mother in the process.

Other Romance Comedy Films Worth Watching

While You Were Sleeping (1995) (Sandra Bullock)

Candy Jar (2018) (Jacob Latimore and Sami Gayle)

Are you a sucker for a good rom-com film? Share your favorites below. 



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