Wearing My Latest Obsessions: Sequins + Metallic Boots

No matter how many times I write about sequins, wearing them is a totally different feeling.  I’ve had this blouse in my closet for over a year and finally got around to wearing it after I scored these silver metallic boots during one of Urban Outfitters most craziest sales.

I normally don’t write about my personal style, because my style is all over the place, but I think it’s time for me to share a little more of me with you guys. So stay tuned for more Personal Style posts.

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room

I’m learning how to pose for the camera, so bear with me if the pics looks very similar to each other LOL. So if you have any tips on how to pose, or take outfit pictures— PLEASE SHARE!

how to style a sequin blouse- how to style silver boots

Blouse: Worn Raw

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Glasses: Discovery Clothing

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