People Are Showing Up And Showing Out For The “Black Panther” Movie And I’m Here For All Of It

The release of Marvel’s newest superhero movie “Black Panther”  is the representation that many people have been longing for.  To be able to identify with an entire cast that projects a feeling of power and courage gives Blacks a sense of belonging and truly validates that we are indeed magical beings.

What They Wore

The way these moviegoers dressed up to see this film was not only breathtaking, exciting, and fashionable—it’s what this Black History Month so desperately needed—UNITY, JOY, and SELF-WORTHINESS.

From African and Ankara printed skirts and dresses, to dashikis,  customized “Black Panther”  and Afro-pride tees, and cosplay costumes that portrayed the robust men and women in the film—you knew what movie they came to see at the box office without even asking.

Check out my some of the looks.

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