Prismatic Cravings: Metallic, Sequin, And Iridescent Fabrics Are Here To Stay

It’s no surprise that metallic, sequin, and iridescent fabrics are making their way back into our favorite department stores this year. The eye-catching and energetic fabrics these designers are using are not only creating a new wave for the trendsetters and innovators looking to push the envelope, newcomers can even join in on the fun if they’re looking for ways to step out of their comfort zone.

From metallic boots to purses, prismatic jackets and wallets, to full-blown sequined dresses and skirts—there is a little bit of everything for every body.

Not Just For Your Nighttime Affairs

I personally am loving the metallic and sequined pieces I’m seeing around because of my own personal taste. If I could glisten every single day, trust me I would (and I’m currently working on that as well.)

I’m just that glad other tastemakers are seeing that you don’t have to wear these pieces only at night. Who needs a time stamp to wear things anymore? Wear what you want, when you want to.

Go Bold Or Go Home

So if you’re looking for ways to gain some inspiration on how to style these shiny delicacies, check out a few of my favorite runway looks!

Annakiki Fall/Winter 2017

Maison Margiela Spring 2018 Couture

metallic holographic fashion trendhow to wear a metallic jacket

Tom Ford Spring 2018

how to style a metallic jacket - tom fordhow to style metallic pants-tom-ford

Dundas Resort 2018

Vivetta Pre-Fall 2018

11-Vivetta-Pre-Fall-2018- how to style a sequin skirt.jpg

Are you excited for the shiny numbers you’re going to be seeing around? What are your thoughts?

Photos via Vogue

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