Runway Review: Mira Mikati Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Collection

I think I found my new obsession—Mira Mikati. 

Whenever I come across a designer that elicits a joyful and playful vibe into their collection, I get all bubbly inside (don’t judge me). It’s a great feeling knowing that there are other artistic minds out there who believes that fashion is about expressing your personal style, but also throwing a little fun into the mix.

Vintage Thrills

While this collection is far from vintage, you can’t deny that this collection has a few touches of the ’80s and ’90s that will drive any vintage lover over the moon. The cool patches on denim, multicolored embroidery on trenches, rainbow sweaters— what’s not to love? Especially for my trendsetters.

Inspo Vibes

So if you’re looking to inject a few  conversational pieces into your wardrobe, or just in need of a little inspo to get your creative energy flowing—you’re welcome.





To view the entire collection, CLICK HERE. 

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