Crazy Prints X Vintage Moschino

If you have a soft spot for novelty prints like myself, these vintage Moschino pieces I found on Etsy will definitely make your day. Moschino never disappoints when it comes down to delivering a great conversation piece, and these vintage pieces will prove just that.


The Gamer

This pinball printed jacket from The Garmery is a trendsetter’s dream. I fell in love with the bright colors and cool prints. Feeling extra bold? Throw another print or highlight one of hues that’s already in the jacket. Not willing to take that extra step yet? Keep it simple by pairing it with a black or white bottom.

vintage moschino pinball jacket

One For The Team 

Now I wouldn’t even think of owning a soccer printed blazer, but after looking at this jacket, I don’t think it will be too bad. This blazer paired with a ruffled skirt and a gold necklace is perfection.

vintage moschino soccer print blazer


Queen of Hearts

Gin Rummy, Hearts, Go Fish? Showcase your love for playing cards with this skirt from Millesime Collection. 

moschino playing cards skirt

Pick A Number

This number printed blazer is good for beginners who are trying to introduce prints into their wardrobe. Because of the black background, styling this jacket is effortless—especially if you’re not willing to go the extra mile just yet.

vintage en mode vintage moschino number blazer

Can’t get enough of these vintage Moschino garments, head on over to Etsy to gawk at more pieces.

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