If You Are Addicted To Sequins…BRACE YOURSELF!

If you’re new to my page, I think it’s best that I warn you that I’m ADDICTED to all things sequined. Check out a few of my posts here, here, and here to get a gist of what I’m about. I’m talking full overkill. So it’s safe to say that when I stumbled across the brand Bird Skin AU on Etsy, I had to share.

While this Isparta Rainbow Sequin Crop Top from Bird Skin is one for the books, I’m also drooling over the other sequin numbers they have too!

Isparta Rainbow Crop Top

By introducing more of a cultural and creative attitude into their designs, the designer duo behind Bird Skin aims to highlight individual style while staying true to their design aesthetics by using exotic textiles and materials in a very cultivated way.

bird skin etsy shop fashion brand 2

bird skin etsy shop fashion brand

Get to know more about the brand here. 


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