Ombre Fabrics? Yes, Please.

Mood Fabrics has just released their new line of fabrics and I am obsessed with them already. Ombred Silk Charmeuse  and Chiffon  are going to be the it-fabric everyone is going to be wearing (or at least me lol). Just look at the the beauty and elegance of these cute little numbers.

This fabric would move beautifully if it was made into a floor-length gown or  skirt, or a pair of oversized trousers.
Black and Ivory Ombre Silk Charmeuse

Orange and Brown Ombre Silk Charmeuse

Blue and Ivory Ombre Silk Chiffon

Green and Blue Ombre Silk Charmeuse

As of right now,  I would have liked to see a forest  and lime green blend, or a dark purple and fuchsia blend for a more summery feel. But hey, I’m only one person!

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