One Of The Best Accessories Money Can Buy

Everyone needs that one accessory that’s going to help transform their entire look in an instant with ease.  If you’re into bold pieces, belts are a must-have. I like how they are very easy to style. Sport a simple tee, half-tucked in your favorite pair of jeans, with a pair of ankle boots or heels, and there you have a simple,  effortless, and chic look.

Today I went thrifting and loaded up on tons of belt buckles (well 11 to be exact), and couldn’t be happier. A few years ago, I fell in love with the vintage Moschino belts that were increasingly popular, and ever since then I always wanted a belt that was gold and a true statement piece.

Here is a picture of the vintage Moschino belt.

vintage moschino belt-where to buy a vintage moschino belt.jpg

And these are some of the belt buckles I purchased.

Now, if you’re not a fan of belt buckles, you can always opt for a belt that elicits the same eclectic vibe. Take these for example.


statement belts.jpg
Are you a sucker for a good belt? How many do you currently own?

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