Johnson Hartig: Libertine F/W 17 Collection

Why am I just finding out about the brand Libertine?

Established in 2001, Johnson Hartig (the founder and creative director) creates bold, unique, and whimsical ready-to-wear garments inspired by the little and small things we encounter everyday in our lives, from art, fashion, history, design, travel, culture and so much more. He basically gets inspired from about any and everything! Sounds like my kind of guy (inserts heart emojis)

Another bonus, he has an affinity for canines. Wanna be besties Hartig?

Mixed printed tuxedos, sequined track suits, oversized sequin trousers, and colored faux fur jackets, what’s not love about this collection? This brand has my personal style down to a T, so you know I’m here for all of it.

Now For The Good Part

There are literally no words to explain the greatness behind my newly found discovery. So without further or do, prepared to be obsessed. I already am.


The men’s F/W 17 collection is just as beautiful.

What are your thoughts? Is this collection a little too bold for your taste or just right?

To view the women’s collection in its entirety click here.


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