Russia Fall 2017: Mach and Mach Runway Review

Today I decided to do something a little different and venture out to explore the other creatives out there in the fashion world. I always go to the names I recognize the most when I’m scouring through the recent shows on Vogue, and never give new brands and designers a chance to inspire me. And I’m so glad I did, because the Mach and Mach brand by designers Gvantsa and Nina Macharashvili is absolutely stunning.

The name of this collection is called Girls Democracy so you can gather that this collection is all things feminine, powerful, and strong. From the  3D embellishments, the unapologetic girl power statements, the vibrant suits, and the overall refreshing details on the garments and accessories spoke volumes on what we can expect from future collections from this brand– nothing less than amazing.

I would personally wear every single item that walked down the runway because it fits well into my personal style. The pieces were bold, creative, fresh and would definitely spark up a few conversations when you’re out and about.

And just seeing how the  models owned each of their looks embodied the way a woman should feel about herself–confident and shameless. Girl boss material!

Some of my favorite pieces had to be the patent leather slip dress, the floral pullover set, and all of the shiny silver metallic garments. Of course! 

This is a brand I can see Solange Knowles rocking and putting her own twist it.

To view the collection in it’s entirety click here, and tell me what you think.
Source: Vogue


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