Don’t Wait For Valentine’s Day To Try These Looks Out

Putting together a fun and stylish look for Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a little overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Should I go simple and wear pink or red? Do I stay in my comfort zone or go bold? 

If you’re ever on the fence about a look being too simple, and you want to try something new. I highly recommend that you add a cool printed scarf, or a bedazzled statement necklace to your ensemble for a fresh and unique touch. Adding an accessory to your look is way easier than adding a garment simply because you can easily  remove it later throughout your day if you ever feel uncomfortable.

But once you master stepping out of your element, trying new things will be a breeze. Because you’ll have the confidence to do so, so with that being said…

Get Inspired!

I’ve put together some really fun, sophisticated, and sleek looks that you can wear now or on Valentine’s Day. Remember, these looks are here to serve as inspiration, so you can always get creative and opt for different pieces to fit your personal style.

Wear A Slip Dress

Have some sexy lingerie in your top dresser? The slip dress trend is here to stay and I’m all here for it. Your slip dress doesn’t have to look like nightwear, pair it with a chic oversized blazer and black ankle boots for an edgy and grunge inspired look. Add a rhinestone choker and dainty earrings for a bit of glam and you’re done.

How to wear a slip dress


Glam Meets Casual

Do you have a formal dress that you haven’t touch in forever? It’s time to wear it again. Add a  denim jacket for a more casual feel, paired with chunky gold or silver jewelry and your favorite pair of sneakers for an unexpected twist.
V-Day Looks You Can Wear Now Part 2

Valentine’s Day Material

This look can be worn anytime of the day, but it is also pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day as well. I love how this look is simple, but it’s also very feminine and chic. An A-line skirt can do no wrong, it complements every body shape and is effortless when it comes to styling. This long-sleeve ivory blouse tucked inside this magenta colored skirt is the perfect balance, because neither garment is competing against each other. A nice hat and a pair of chic sunglasses keeps this look interesting, while a pair of black ankle boots remains simple enough to direct all of the attention to the main parts of the look (this fabulous skirt and blouse).

V-Day Looks You Can Wear Now


Extra For No Reason
Let’s face it. I’m obsessed with sequins, so I must admit that I’m going to be a little bias when it comes to this look right here.  I’m the type of person that would wear sequins on a shopping trip to the mall, so excuse me if this outfit is just a little too  extra for you (hence the title).
There are plenty of ways you can wear this dress. Another option is pairing this dress with a pair of cool sneakers and a leather or jean jacket to tone down the formalness of this ensemble. Captivate the crowd with your illuminated jewels or don’t wear none at all, the choice is totally yours.
Go Bold Or Go Home
Metallic skirts.
I wish I could just leave that sentence there. Anything you pair with a metallic skirt is going to be fabulous (there is no way around it), but the look I’ve styled for you is really casual but you can always switch out the sneakers for a pair of heels to step it up a notch. For a bit of sparkle I added these diamond earrings, and a simple necklace for a more personal touch.


Get Inspired With This Valentine's Day Look
Which look is your favorite? What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day? Can you see yourself trying some of these looks?



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