Sparkle In This Suit And Other Goodies Right Now! 

Urban Outfitters never cease to amaze me with their holographic and iridescent products that they currently have in stock. From their iridescent windbreakers, to their sparkling shoes, they are dazzling wardrobes all across the globe right now.

One of Urban Outfitters newest arrivals is an Online Exclusive Only Silence Noise iridescent suit that I can totally see Solange Knowles wearing. I  think the model even resembles Solange in a way. Do you see it?

The suit jacket is priced at $179, and the pants are $99.

Iridescent Suit Urban Outfitters Sirena -Kamea Morgan 2.jpeg

Iridescent Suit -Kamea Morgan.jpeg

Other Shiny Things at UO right now.  

If you loved this look, they have more! From holographic rain coats to backpacks and wallets, let’s obsess together.
iridescent windbreaker- holographic jacket-kamea morgan.jpeg

holograhic backpack- iridescent wallet-urban outfitters-kamea morgan.jpeg

holographic wallet-kamea morgan-urban outfitters.jpeg



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