Rare and Beautiful Statement Jackets You’ll Easily Fall In Love With

A good statement jacket is a great conversation starter. If it’s bold and beautiful, it can pretty much be worn any time of the day. Glamorize your simple look with the perfect statement jacket to turn your look from blah to BOOM in an instant!

Where to Buy Them?

You can find great statement jackets at your local vintage shops, department stores and boutiques (online or in store). But keep in mind that when it comes to owning such a dramatic piece, prices will vary. You may luck up and find one for as low $20 or $500, but nonetheless don’t be discouraged, because trust me whatever price you pay will be worth it.  I’ve been eyeing this sequin kimono from Free People for the longest and I’m infatuated with it, and it’s $598.

In the end, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, and will you actually get your wear out of it. Don’t just buy a jacket because it’s cute. Make sure you wear the hell out of it!

Statement Jackets You’ll Fall In Love With!

Here are a few statement jackets I’ve found. From sequins, to florals, velvet, fringe, and even leather. There is a jacket that will fit into your personal style.

Velvet Floral Jacket 

statement jacket- velvet floral jacket kamea morgan.jpg

Colorful Floral Sequined Kimono 

statement jacket- colorful sequins kamea morgan.jpg 2.jpg

Mixed Print Jewel Sequined Blazer

statement jacket- colorful sequins kamea morgan.jpg

Bright Sequined  Fringe Bomber Jacket

statement jacket- sequin and fringe-kamea morgan.jpg

Leather and Suede Statement Blazer


Colorful 80s Simon Chang Lichtenstein Pop Blazer


Special Note:

These jackets are great conversation starters, so if you’re a shy person, you might want to refrain from wearing one at the moment, because along with the stares, you will engage in some sort of conversation.

Which one is your favorite? Can you see yourself wearing such a bold piece? If so, where?


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