Get The Look! McCartney Vs. Madden: Platform Shoes

Today we have a case of battle of the brands.

Stella McCartney’s “Britt” platform oxfords and Steve Madden’s “Korrie” platform oxfords are very similar in style. And while there are a few differences, you can’t deny that Steve Madden’s version are the perfect dupe for Stella McCartney’s shoes!

McCartney Vs. Madden

The Difference

The Wood: Appears to be smoother on the “Britt’s.” While the wood on the “Korrie’s” appears a little grainy (resembles the cork on a bulletin board).

Toe-Shape:┬áThe “Britt’s” are an almond-toe shape while the “Korrie’s” are a little more round.

Eyelets-There are more eyelets on the “Korrie’s.”

PRICE- Now the┬áprice is a MAJOR difference. Stella McCartney’s platform oxfords are currently $950+ while Steve Madden’s version are just $130.

I personally love the design on the Stella McCartney’s platform better, but the Madden’s shoe is more in my price range. Bummer.

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