Life Lesson: Never Blend In 

Today’s post comes from a conversation I had with a customer while I was at work today. This customer, I’m going to call her Susie wanted help with styling. Her husband was a doctor, and the people they associated themselves with were very uptight. Susie wanted help with styling, and wanted dark and earth tone colors, nothing too bright, and no cut-outs or anything too trendy because she didn’t want to scare her “friends.”

She wanted to blend in, rather than stand out.

I totally understood where she was coming from, but what I didn’t understand was why? Why tone down your sense of style because you’re afraid of what others might say?
When  it comes to fashion there is no right or wrong. You dress to impress yourself and YOURSELF only. Yes, there will be naysayers but so what? If they didn’t buy your clothes, why should it bother them or you?

No one should dictate how you express yourself, whether it’s through your clothes, makeup, jewelry whatever. That’s what makes you YOU. And if no one can except you for being who YOU are, then just maybe you don’t need that negativity in your life. You only have one life to live, so make it count!

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