Sushi Love: Addicts Only

Yesterday at the mall, a woman walked right pass me wearing a sushi printed button down shirt and I instantly fell in love. Which is my reason for today’s post! 

So if you have an affinity for all things sushi, these garments and accessories are great novelty items to add to your wardrobe. I promise they’re not scented.

Sushi Bow Ties and Purses

Make a strong statement in this sushi bow tie and purse created by Rommy Debommy.


Sushi Enamel Pins

Add a few enamel pins to your denim jacket, collar, or handbag for a personal touch.


ML Shopps Crop Top and Skirt

If enamel pins or a bow tie is too subtle for your taste, an entire outfit makes a very bold statement.


Sushi Hawaiin Lover Shirt

This handmade shirt from Carolina Perez Designs is perfect to wear with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.


Handmade CoyoteZ Bow Tie

While the first sushi bow ties were a little more daring, this bow tie makes also makes a statement.


My top picks have to be the Hawaiin shirt, purse, and enamel pins. Yours?

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