Fabric Shopping For My Sister’s Prom Dress

I decided to take on the biggest sewing challenge ever and create my little sister’s prom dress. This will be my first time ever creating a gown, but I know I can do it. Well after spending $80 on the fashion fabric alone, I kind of have no choice. No backing out of this one.

When sewing ready-to-wear garments I know I can get a lot of use out of them, that’s why they’re my favorite garments to sew. Whereas a gown being worn once or twice in a lifetime to me isn’t worth the time. But who knows, I might fall in love with gowns after all of this is over.

Fabric Choice

For my sister’s prom dress we decided on a nude mesh and black lace fabric for the bodice, and 4 yards of black rosette fabric for her mermaid tail. I’m thinking about buying a couple yards of tulle to make it more poof at the bottom, but that all depends on how the finished product looks.

*I’ll be documenting my process as I go to show my progress. I have less than two weeks to get this done, so wish me luck!


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