Solange Looks So Good In This Acne Studios Short Set

Solange shared a video on her Instagram account with her walking through the desert in Whitesands, New Mexico wearing an Acne Studios sequin short set. And she looked amazing!

I wrote about my obsession with sequins a few months ago, so this short set is the perfect eye candy right now. In her caption she  writes, “Thank you @acnestudios fam for making me feel like a psychedelic fish scale in the desert.” A very beautiful psychedelic fish that is.

Acne Studios

Unfortunately, this sequins short set is sold out and there is no need to explain why. Just look at this beauty!

Claire Wore It Too!

Fashion blogger Claire Sulmers from Fashion Bomb Daily took a picture in the sequins blouse and paired it with purple Jimmy Choo heels. I love how she highlighted the iridescent purple, making that the focal point of her look.


Here’s the video of Solange glistening like it’s no one’s business.

Source: Instagram 

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