Sewing 101: The Best Fabric To Use For Structured Garments

One fabric that I know will get you that perfect stiff, crisp, and structured look in your sewing projects, is none other than one of my favorite go-to fabrics canvas.  Canvas fabrics are not only perfect for home decor, they’re good for tote bags, aprons, and structured garments as well.

Although most canvas fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, even if you have one that isn’t, I guarantee your fabric will keep its shape after it has been ironed.

Canvas is like my indestructible superhero: you can twist, turn, jump up and down, and your garment STILL will not lose its shape.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few  high-end designer pieces that were sewn with canvas fabrics.

Sewing 101: Canvas Fabrics


Want to make one of your own?

These canvas fabrics from and Mood Fabrics  would make a super cute blazer, skirt, or dress.
sewing 101 canvas fabrics Kamea 1
sewing 101 canvas fabrics Kamea 2
sewing 101 canvas fabrics Kamea 5sewing 101 canvas fabrics Kamea 4sewing 101 canvas fabrics Kamea 3
What material do you love to sew with? Have you ever tried sewing with canvas?

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