Would You Eat Gummy Ramen Noodles?

People are adding gelatin to  anything that’s a liquid. And while it may sound a  little disturbing, it’s actually pretty cool.  From gallons of milk, to Gatorade and water bottles, nothing is safe right now. Not even your ramen noodles.

Gummy gatorade bottle 1

A few weeks ago while I was on Facebook a video popped up on my timeline of a woman creating a Gatorade gummy. After seeing how many views the video received, it was only a matter of time making unconventional gummy treats were going to go viral.

Gummy Soda Bottle

And it’s HUGE right now.

Most people love the end result: Seeing the gummy creations being sliced into. And I must admit it is awesome in a weird kind of way.

Gummy Milk Jug Kamea Morgan

Head on over to YouTube and search gummy water bottle, or gummy soda bottle, to see the process behind making one of these. You’re bound to find more gummy stuff along the side of it.

To get you started, here are a few YouTubers that have done a few.

Timmy Timato

Awesome Disney Toys

Karina Garcia

Fluff Berry Puff

Gummy Ramen Noodles

Images via YouTube

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