Most Wanted Pants: Do You Own A Pair Of Floral Print Trousers? 

Please tell me you do. One can not live on this planet and not own a pair.

Floral prints are my go-to pattern when I’m fabric shopping or even when I’m shopping for a garment simply because they’re feminine, fun, and are easily styled.

Just highlight a color from your print to make that your focal point of your look, and you’re good to go.

How to Style Floral Trousers

With so many different prints, colors, and styles of floral printed trousers, sometimes you can’t wrap your mind around the various selections. But I’ve put together a few of my favorite blossomy bold prints.

Untitled #506

The bolder the print, the better. It makes a statement on its own.

How do you rock your floral prints? What’s your favorite brand?

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