Take Your Style From Simple To Bold In A Matter Of Seconds


If you define your style as simple and want to experiment with some bold looks, these three style tricks will definitely help elevate your style this season.

Now scroll down to get inspired!

Add a Bold Shoe

Adding a bold shoe to such a simple look is one of the ways you can be a little more adventurous in your style. From shoes with glitter, sequins, floral prints, and even spikes there are tons of shoes out there willing to bring out the daring you.  The metallic shoe in this look automatically takes this outfit from a 3 to a 10 in a matter of seconds. The punk-rock feel of the shoe adds a bit of edge while the purple hue still adds the femininity.


Bold and Simple Looks Part 1


End-Tie Your Blouse 
You can pretty much find a button-up blouse anywhere, so this look is definitely easy to accomplish.  I recommend sizing up in a button down blouse to achieve the end-tie look and try pairing it with your favorite skirt or jeans. End-tying your blouse adds a sexy touch without screaming trashy.
Simple And Bold Looks To Wear


Incorporate Sparkly and Novelty Jewelry
Sometimes wearing a bold shoe or changing the look of your blouse can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable, start off slow by incorporating funs bits of jewelry to your ensemble. Novelty jewelry adds a quirky touch, while sparkly jewelry screams all things girly and pretty.
Note: If you’re looking for places that sell inexpensive fashion jewelry, try your local Forever 21  and H&M. These retailers carry trendy and statement pieces that will help you transition out of your comfort zone without breaking the bank. SImple Meets Bold


What are some style tricks you recommend to help elevate  your wardrobe? Where do you shop for trendy pieces?

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