Press-On Nails Are Back and Here To Stay! 

I remember back in my middle school years I wore press-on nails whenever I could get my hands on some.  A pack of 100 nails were dirt cheap, the nail glue was only a dollar and some change, and I had tons of nail polish at home to paint them whatever colored I liked.

I had pretty nails without the salon cost.

But then I eventually stopped wearing them because after three hours of wear they  would pop off, and I grew frustrated.  It wasn’t until now I realized that I was applying too much glue which created loads of air bubbles.

Fast forward to today and I see these gorgeous pack of press-on nails at CVS Pharmacy and I instantly fell in love.

From quirky nails, to elegant, and the classic French tip, there are  just so many prints and colors to choose from. I want them all!


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