Get Inspired With These 5 Bold Sassy Looks!

From vibrant colors to fearless prints, there is nothing like a bold sense of style to separate you from the crowd. And if you’re like me and love taking risks and playing around with fashion, then these street style and editorial looks I found on Pinterest will definitely inspire you to go BIG or go home.

Prints on Prints

If 2016 is your year to take risk with fashion, try pairing prints on top of prints for a strikingly fresh look.

Ethnic Prints and Stripes

No one said your prints have to match. Ethnic prints paired with a timeless print such as stripes and polka dots are a match made in heaven.


Bright Vibrant Skirts

Now if you’re still new to the game but want to take a little risk with your style, try going for a bold skirt and fun handbag to take you out of your element.


Novelty Tops and Handbag Accessories

Novelty tops  and fun accessories on your handbag will add a whimsical touch and are bound to be great conversation starters.

Shiny Sequins

I still can’t get enough of sequins (my crazy obsession) and with this sparkling top, who would want t?

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